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Dear Relation and Business partner,

Ingfer Fillers & Minerals BV is officially ISO9001/2015 certified .By obtaining this certification, Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V. has reaffirmed our long-standing ability to manage processes in a manner which ensures the highest quality for our customers.

Updated; 09/02/2022

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Calcium Sulphate


As an agent we represent:
VG-ORTH GmbH Casonic for the Calcium Sulphate Casonic types.

CaSO4: a highly effective additive

Casonic calcium sulphate dihydrate and anhydrite are adjusted optimally for employment

in various branches. They blend efficiently and rationally into proven process

chains and open up potential for process technical innovations

Foodstuffs production

Conditioning of various processes of foodstuffs technology,
above all as separating and anti-caking medium.
Grinding aid and extender in the production of flour.
Increase of the yield with sugar production from sugar beet.
Regulation of water hardness, in particular non-carbonate hardness.

Avoidance of oxalate turbidity with beer

Pharmaceutical industry

Carrier substance and natural calcium additive for tablets.
Filler material for medicines and cosmetics

Horticulture and landscaping

Natural calcium and sulphur sources.
Neutralisation and revitalisation of acid working soils, optimisation of the structure
of clayey soils.
Special compost production, mineralisation of the soil

Production of animal feed

Encouragement of the gelling process, extender and provider of calcium ions

Chemical industry

Carrier material in insecticides, fertilisers or similar

Paints, dyes and construction chemistry

Filler material for wood, dispersion, foil and hot-melt adhesives.
Filler material and pigment carrier medium for paints and varnishes.
Filler material in polishing agents and grinding fluids

Construction materials

Setting regulator for Plaster of Paris, fillers and stoppers
and the production of gypsum components, stucco ornaments
or sculptures.
Anhydrite as basis material for anhydrite floating floor screed for
the construction of flooring

Paper industry
Filler material in the production of paper and cardboard

Oil production
Rinsing agents and bore hole packing