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The Netherlands

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Dear Relation and Business partner,

Ingfer Fillers & Minerals BV is officially ISO9001/2015 certified .By obtaining this certification, Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V. has reaffirmed our long-standing ability to manage processes in a manner which ensures the highest quality for our customers.

Updated; 09/02/2022

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Iron Oxides


Rana Gruber AS is a Norwegian mining company situated in the city of Mo i Rana, the most prosperous town in Northern Norway. In spite of being close to the Artic Circle, the town possesses an ice-free harbor and offers a logistics system which makes it close to the main business centres of central Europe.


The Company

Rana Gruber AS has, since it's foundation in 1936, specialised in the mining and refining of iron ore, containing the iron minerals magnetite (Fe3O4) and hematite (Fe2O3). The company today is involved in the manufacture of special products and custom grinding, which are the key business areas for RG Mineral AS, a subsidiary of Rana Gruber AS

COLORANA® is part of RG mineral AS. The business started in 1990 after investment in  the world's first production plant for sub-micron iron oxides processed from natural magnetite. In 1995 the production plant was enlarged to 10.000 tonnes per annum capacity.

COLORANA® products are based on natural magnetite from different sources. The magnetite raw material is upgraded to almost pure magnetite by state-of-the-art ore dressing methods before it enters the COLORANA® plant.

The COLORANA® process is a continuous operation involving wet ultrafine milling, dewatering and drying.

The COLORANA® red product line is processed from COLORANA® black by thermal decomposition of magnetite.

Micronised red and black pigments from the COLORANA® 
D-range. The deagglomeration (micronisation) process involves a unique disintegration technology combined with highly efficient, superfine air-classifiers, altogether the ultimate solution to create micronised iron oxide pigments of superior -COLORANA® - quality