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Ingfer Fillers & Minerals BV is officially ISO9001/2015 certified .By obtaining this certification, Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V. has reaffirmed our long-standing ability to manage processes in a manner which ensures the highest quality for our customers.

Updated; 09/02/2022

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Talk , Talcum

Talcum is a hydrated magnesium silicate which has a 3 layer sheet structure.
Talc is the major constituent of rocks known as soapstone or steatite.

We source our Talcum since many years from the same mine in the Haichen Province in China, where it is produced according to our specifications.

The composition of talcum varies depending on its source. 

The planar surfaces of the plate-like structure are held together by very weak van der Waals forces and therefore talc can be delaminated at relatively low shearing forces, which accounts for its slippery feel and its ease of dispersion. Its plate-like structure provides talc-filled materials with important properties, such as, high resistivity and low gas permeability, because the diffusion path is so complex.

The Talcum grades we supply are in micronised, coarse ground mesh and lump form.

Applications include: paper, paints, roofing, plastics, ceramics, animal feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, caulking, sound damping, putties, anti-caking agents, sealants, electical insulation, plasters, lubricants, tiles, garden furniture, food packaging and agricultural film.
The major Polymer applications are: PP, PE, PC, ABS, PPS,PS and rubber
Grades for USP/BP/EP and irradiation are also possible.

Technical Data is available on request.